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Leith & North: Please email any news items to: news@leithandnorth.org.uk Newhaven Children's Gala Day: May 2011 Boat with coloured bunting sailing past the tenements along Lower Granton Road with Gala party looking across to Fife

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Hundreds of Newhaven villagers and friends gathered around Newhaven Harbour, on Saturday May 29th 2010, to join in the revival of Newhaven Gala Day for the second year running, after last year's triumph. This year's Gala Queen, Kerryanne and the Fisher King, Robbie, sailed in on the Conserver from Granton Harbour.

The Queen and King, joined by attendants, Shannon and Andrew, were led through Newhaven, to Victoria Primary School, by piper Joe Wallace. At the school, the Gala Queen was crowned by Major Jules McElhinney, and children sang traditional fishing songs which featured herrings, pirates, and plenty of accompanying actions.

The Children's Gala this year was organised by Victoria Primary School, in conjunction with Newhaven and Leith Harbour Community Council, Lothian and Borders Police, Leith Sea Cadets, Newhaven Parish Church, and 6th Leith Scouts.
Boat sailing across the Firth of Forth with the Forth Rail Bridge in the backgroundGroup of people huddled in wooden walkway as the wind blows through Left <<<:The Queen's boat, Conserver sailing from Granton.
Right >>>:
Lothian & Borders Police general purposes launch outbound to meet the Gala Queen.
View of Pulse of the Place, dressed in black and red, from behind looking across to the crowds along the harbour wall

^^^ Above: Pulse of the Place warm up the waiting crowd.

^^^ Below: Leith Sea Cadets stand to attention.

Nine young men in naval uniform stand in front of Newhaven village
A team of rowers rowing round Newhaven Harbour looking across to Granton Sea Cadets standing to alert as the commanding officer gets ready to board the Queen's launch Left <<<:A team of Newhaven Coastal Rowers in action.
Right >>>: First Lieutenant Dick Erskine of Leith Sea Cadets approaches to greet the Gala Queen and her party.
Smiling photographers watch as Courtney and her Royal Party pass by A dozen pipers with  Newhaven  Lighthouse in the background Left <<<: The Queen and her entourage walking along the harbour wall
Right >>>: Boy's Brigade Pipe Band marching along Newhaven Harbour Wall.
Four children boys in fishermans's sweaters and kilts, the Queen in purple gown with Sea Cadets to either side

^^^ Above: Andrew, Shannon, Kerryanne and Robbie marching out of Newhaven Harbour.

Uniformed officer in yellow waterproofs followed by piper and the Queen's Party Children with headscarves dressed as fishwives with a white haired woman dressed similarly Left <<<: John Pennycook in the vanguard of the procession.
Right >>>: Fishwives of all ages.
^^^ Below: Sarah Seilmann leads Pulse of the Place down Newhaven High St, as Leith Cllr Rob Munn carries his daughter on his shoulders.

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