Celebrating Leith and North Edinburgh January 2012

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We hope that the Leith and North Edinburgh web site and its content will speak for itself, but if you want some background info, here it is. Aim and remit Our aim is to celebrate Leith and North Edinburgh - to highlight the positive and to eschew the negative. There is a lot that is good and delightful about our part of the world. We are well aware that there is much that isn’t, but that will not be our focus.

The site is commercial in intent, and communal in outlook. We will carry advertising and provide web space to organisations and businesses in return for money. Most of the content will be provided free of charge and will not be copyrighted. We will promote groups and shops unique to the Leith and North area and some of those based in it. We will favour businesses and shops that are striving to develop an ethical approach to trading.

We want to introduce new residents to services, resources and pleasures in the area and to remind longer term residents of parts and places that they may have forgotten, or have not yet discovered.
Defintion of Leith and North Edinburgh Our area of interest comprises the greater Leith area including Easter Road, and Lochend, as well as North Edinburgh comprising Granton. Pilton, Waterfront, Newhaven, Stockbridge, the New Town, Broughton, Calton, Hillside and Meadowbank. General outlookThe site will solicit news, short articles, photographs of the area, suggestions and comments. We will not object to unflattering criticism of the web site or to corrections of mistakes. We will strive not to publish any attacks, jibes or “knocking copy”, regardless of who they come from. Any photographs may be downloaded and used within the limits of UK and Scottish laws, and as long as their use is consonant with the web site's outlook.

The site has a political stance - it is “progressive” in its outlook, and will encourage people to accept each other regardless of their background, gender, race, profession, and past. This will be reflected in the news and articles we carry and those that we decline. The editor is a long standing member of the Labour Party, and expects to be for many years to come. As of August 2011, he is a candidate for election in the May 2012 Council Elections. He will promote his views as a Labour Party candidate elsewhere, and plans that Leith & North will continue to tell the stories of groups, causes and campaigns that are attractive to visitors across the progressive spectrum.

The approach Leith & North has developed is that of letting our pictures do the talking. We hope that we keep our party political views to a minimum, and we try to point visitors elsewhere for further background, information and opinions.
Style and content We believe that web sites should carry as many pictures as words, and will aim to provide as many pictures as words.

We will write in “plain English”. We believe this means using good grammar and short sentences. We believe this means not using a long or unusual word where a shorter or more familiar word will serve. However. We like learning new words, and believe that a broad vocabulary enriches communication and all aspects of life. So if a less common word conveys a particular meaning or nuance, or perhaps evokes a mood or an image well, or even if it just sounds nice, it will be used and shared with visitors.
Please email any news items to: news@leithandnorth.org.uk
If you are interested in advertising, or having a page about your organisation or business on the site, please email: sales@leithandnorth.org.uk