Celebrating Leith and North Edinburgh June 2008
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West Coast Swing classes: on the route of the 5, 11, 15, 16 & 23 buses, easily reached from Leith & North!It's Madison Time! ESDS teaches group dances in between partner work West Coast Swing: laid back and stylish to a hip hop or r 'n' b beat Swing styles let you dance solo (The Madison, above), or with a partner
Couple dancing Swing in 50's gear Lee & Seema of ESDS showing how to swing!

All the dance classes come warmly recommended, are open to all ages, and are fun!

Couple dancing West Coast Swing Ross Carlin and partner dancing West Coast Style

All classes are rotated, so you can come on your own, and get to dance with lots of different people.

Lindsay in dance pose with her arm high in the air Lindsay Brown of Boogie Nights in action

Classes are cheaper than a cinema ticket and you don't have to buy popcorn!

Charleston class

Dress code is generally smart casual and loose. There are parties, balls and weekend events and people tend to save their best threads for these!

Rob van Haaren & Angela Andrews at an ESDS Spring Swing Fling

It's Monday - it must be Salsa with Lloyd Lloyd & Carol Ann (right,) teach Salsa most Monday nights from 6.45pm at 28 York Place. The classes focus on New York cross body Salsa; they involve a warm up, followed by about half and half of solo work learning steps, followed by partner work to put it all together.

Classes are always adapted to the mix of abilities there on the night, and Lloyd's commitment to Salsa shines through. If you dance other styles, chances are, you will pick up at least one tip at every class. Come alone, or with a partner, or a group.

Lloyd and Carol Ann are also holding Dirty Dancing workshops at Dance Base on Sunday November 4th, as part of the Dance:Film 07 mini festival.

Lloyd Wallace Salsa classes web site >>>
Dance Film Scotland web site >>>

Wednesday is for West Coast Swing Couple dancing West Coast SwingLindsay Brown (to the left,) has championed this smooth, sweet, sexy style of dancing in Scotland. She teaches most Wednesday nights from 8.00 pm onwards upstairs in The Merlin. You'll get a warm welcome and lots of encouragement from a very experienced teacher.

West Coast is danced to smooth R 'n' B, and a Hip Hop beat. It's laid back, and you can learn to express yourself, without working up too much of a sweat! There's always two classes. First, it's beginners time, where you can learn a few moves, and get the feel of the dance. Then there's a break to rest or practise in, followed by an improvers class, where you can build on what you've learnt with some more challenging moves.

You can get to The Merlin easily from the heart of Leith & North Edinburgh, by taking LRT bus Nos 5, 11, 15, 16, or 23. Take the bus, and you can have a drink after! It's one of the nicest small dance areas in Edinburgh.

www.boogienights.net >>>
And Swing into the weekend with ESDS Couples dancing Lindy hopEdinburgh Swing Dance Society (ESDS) have been going 12 years strong now! These guys are the best, and they run the classes and teach with love, knowledge and enthusiasm.

Lindy hop is danced to swing music, from the big bands of the Thirties, right up to modern artistes such as Indigo Swing and Danny Brillant. In truth, once you get the ear, you can dance it to anything!

Couple about to swing outClasses are run most Thursdays, in the Stockbridge Centre, Cheyne St from 7.30pm. There are ongoing courses of beginners classes to get you going followed by stroll classes where you get to learn a huge variety of dance steps and pick up the history of popular dance. The evening rounds off with an improvers class, and there's lots of room to get in some dance practise in between classes.

Lindy is a great form of exercise, beats the treadmill in the gym any day. Plus you'll have fun in a very friendly atmosphere.

www.hopscotch-swing.co.uk >>>
Weekends: it's not just about classes A beautiful full harvest moon advertising the BallAnd if that's not enough...

ESDS invite top dancers from around the UK and Europe to Edinburgh to run workshops several Saturdays a year. And there's the Harvest Moon Ball coming up. Check
www.hopscotch-swing.co.uk >>> for details.

Lloyd Wallace opens the Salsa Lounge, on the first Sunday of every month. And usually in York Place. Check Lloyd's web site >>> for more.

ESDS, yes, them again, hold tea dances once a month on Sunday afternoons, mid month. Check www.hopscotch-swing.co.uk >>> to keep up to date.

Lloyd spinning Carol Ann in a red knee length dress
Salsa specialists
Lloyd & Carol Ann

Photo: Julie Howden
Lindy swing out
A Lindy swing out
Lloyd and Carol Ann sharing a comb move outside Dancebase
Lloyd & Carol Ann show off their salsa styling Photo: Julie Howden
Rob van Haaren & Diane Thomas
Rob & Diane are two of the world class teachers who visit Edinburgh to teach Lindy Lloyd spinning Carol Ann in a red knee length dress
Lloyd & Carol Ann again
Photo: Julie Howden
Thanks to Lindsay Brown, DANCE:FILM07, ESDS and Lloyd Wallace for permission to use their photos