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Leith & North: Please email any news items to: news@leithandnorth.org.uk Newhaven Children's Gala Day: May 2010 Newhaven villagers watch the Fisher King and Gala Queen walking processing along the  harbour

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Hundreds of Newhaven villagers and friends gathered around Newhaven Harbour, on Saturday May 29th 2010, to join in the revival of Newhaven Gala Day after a hiatus of 15 years. The Gala Queen, Courtney and the Fisher King, Lewis, sailed in on the high tide from Granton Harbour. The Queen and King, joined by supporters, Lewis and Saba, were led through Newhaven, to Victoria Primary School, by the Boys Brigade Piper Band. At the school, the Gala Queen was crowned by local MSP Malcolm Chisholm, and children sang traditional fishing songs which featured herrings and lots of accompanying actions.

Man dressed in black sitting  atop  lobster pots by the  harbour entrance Black launch with the stern low throwing up spray Left <<<: A lone man waits for the ship to come in.
Right >>>:
Lothian & Borders Police general purposes launch outbound to meet the Gala Queen.
Boat with many coloured penants flanked by pilot boats and two smaller boats approaching with  the  Kingdom of Fire in the background

^^^ Above: The working boat carrying the Gala Day Party, sailing from Granton Harbour.

The event was organised jointly by Victoria Primary School, Victoria Primary School's Parent & Teacher Association, and Leith, Newhaven & Newhaven Community Council. Community Council Secretary, Owen Scott, observed wryly that events like this were still subject to the tides, as the party set off from Granton Harbour later than advertised, due to wrong seasonal information. If anything, the lateness helped add to the anticiapation, and allowed time for the weather to clear.

Mrs Lorna Fergusson of Port of Leith Motor Boat Club, shared with Leith & North that the Queen's barge was a working boat used to service communities along the coast and the islands. She also reminisced that in the past 20 or 30 boats would have surrounded the Barge.

The Queen's barge arriving in Newhaven Harbour with Granton Village in the background Courtney (in white gown, with blue cloak,) raises a purple and white bouquet as  Lewis (in wbite fisherman's sweater with kilt,) looks up at the waitng crowd Left <<<: The Queen's Barge arriving.
Right >>>: The Gala Queen poses for photos with her bouquet.
Smiling photographers watch as Courtney and her Royal Party pass by A dozen pipers with  Newhaven  Lighthouse in the background Left <<<: The Queen and her entourage walking along the harbour wall
Right >>>: Boy's Brigade Pipe Band marching along Newhaven Harbour Wall.
Boys Brigade Piper Band leading procession down harbour wall with Newhaven lighthouse in the background

^^^ Above: The Boys Brigade Pipe Band lead the way the procession past the Old Fishmarket to Newhaven.

People taking photos of the Gala Queen and Fisher King with Newhaven Village in the background

^^^ Above: Courtney & Saba, and the two Lewises wait for the Boys Brigade Pipe Band to lead the way through Newhaven.

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More pictures of Newhaven Children's Gala Day on Leith & North >>>

View of crowd standing in front of the Old Fishmarket looking  across Newhaven Harbour in  waiting for the Gala Queen and Fisher King