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Edinburgh Mela 2010
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Edinburgh MELA comes home to Leith Links: Edinburgh Mela 2010 Special! Five young women in yellow flourescent  jackets smiling in the red Mela 2010 information tent with the Mela 2010 postcard brochures on display The 16th Edinburgh Mela Festival ran from August 6th to 8th, and after several years of wandering, finally arrived at its new home on Leith Links. The Mela featured acts from Mumbai, Lahore, the Punjab, Turkey, Southwest China, Uganda and from all over Scotland, as well as Leith's very own Pulse of the Place Samba Band. It was supported by a team of 200 volunteer workers.

Four men playing brass instruments wearing turbans, purple embroiderd coats and white breeches Shami Khan collecting donations for Pakistan  flood victims Leith and North presents pictures from the Saturday and Sunday of the Mela. Artists featured include Edinburgh's Dance Ihayami School, Jaipur Kawa Circus, Swaryatra, Pif Paf performing "Trunk".

In a separate section you can find pictures of Iron Oxide performing the spectacular, specially commissioned show, "CARGO". A true multi media show, CARGO tells the tale of two people and their quest for the perfect place to call home. If you like physical theatre, or site specific events, and you get the chance to see the show, Leith & North cannot recommend it highly enough.

Three women dancers telling a story with their hands

Above ^^^: Members of the Edinburgh Ihayami Dance School.

Young man spinning on top of a pole with clouds in the backgroundFour men dancing on stage as GTown Desi DJ raps on There are also pictures of some of the volunteers who work long hours every year to make the Mela a success, and of some of the information stalls and other activities that packed Leith Links.

You can also see pictures of people enjoying two great afternoons out and some of the personalities of the Festival.

People seated and standing waiting for a show to start on the Garden Stage

Leith and North also provides coverage of the annual Edinburgh Mela Fashion Show for the very first time. The show was organised by Unique Fusion, and included a Harris Tweed Textiles collection by Scottish designers.

A red and pink lion performing for  seated children Woman in golden Harris Tweed dress starting down the catwalk with photographer in view

Seven women dancers, dressed in different primary colours, strike a pose at the end of their performance

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