Celebrating Leith and North Edinburgh Edinburgh Mela 2010
Edinburgh Mela 2010
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... Something for Everyone of You*: Edinburgh Mela 2010 Seated man puts money in bucket collecting donations for Pakistan  flood victims being collected by charcoal suited Shami Khan

Pictures of Dance Ihayami and the Jaipur Kawa Brass Band at Edinburgh Mela 2010 on Leith & North >>>

Shami Khan, member of the Mela Board collecting for vicitms of the 2010 Pakistan Flood.

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Liam Sinclair in floral pink and lilac shirt Two men and a woman in yellow jackets holding up their litter pickes Left <<<: Liam Sinclair (left), outgoing Mela Festival director at the fashion show.
Right >>>: Three of the 200 strong volunteer team.
People walking past a stall with 15 women tailors dummies suspended above it Three men seated, Ilhan Barutcu, playing a woodwind instrument the others playing guitars People seated applauding, watching and filming a performance Left <<<: llhan Barutcu (left) with the Ask-I-Trio performing on the Garden Stage on Saturday.
Right >>>: Members of the Garden Stage crowd.
Ihan Barutcu's web site >>>
Pif Paf pictured below performing their latest show, "Trunk" describe it as Heath Robinson meets Maurice Sendak. A young girl dozes off, four strange Lions take her on an unforgettable journey that features Kamikaze chickens, pink lions and an impressive giant elephant.

Pif Paf web site >>>

Woman standing on a red trunk as  four lions creep up behind her with  a ship that has a smoking cannon Red and pink lion climbing through  a circle of knives Lions with chicken puppets creeping up on the audience Left <<<: Derring Do.
Right & Below >>>: Ain't nobody here but us chickens.
Cross legged children watch a red and pink lion staling Smiling woman with camera Left <<<: Big scary lion.
Right >>>: An enthusiastic audience member captures the moment.
Lions insidea muslin sheet  impersonating an elephant as woman runs away Two women demonstrating Chinese knotting craft with examples hanging on the tent wall behind them Woman and man in flourescent jsckets with clip boards Left <<<: Chinese knot weaving in the Family Area.
Right >>>: Two of the Mela's 200 strong volunteer staff team.

People walking down the avenue of clothes stalls

* with apologies to the DJ from GTown Desi for pinching his chant.

Pictures of Dance Ihayami and the Jaipur Kawa Brass Band at Edinburgh Mela 2010 on Leith & North >>>

Edinburgh Mela web site >>>