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Leith & North: Please email any news items to: news@leithandnorth.org.uk Montgomery St Park Spring Fun 2009: Spring is Here! Let Them Eat Cake! Six smiling women with a child holding up the winning almond cake in Montgomery St Park

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The Friends of Montgomery St Park held a Spring community fund day to raise funds towards the park renovation project and bring local people together. Local businesses including Renroc Cafe, Health For Life, and Eero Riley joined in the fun, with the annual cake baking competition judged by the Manna House boys. The Bike Station sent along Dr Bike and a stunt bike trial obstacle course, and there was a target board for frisbee lovers.

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A woman discusses the plan with a young family which sits round some tables in the park Two women laughing as they put cakes out on the stall Left <<<: Residents view the proposed plans for the renewal of Montgomery St. Park
Right :>>>
Cake baking competition contestants comparing cakes

The Montgomery St Park area is split into two areas which stretch between Elgin St (off Brunswick Rd) and Montgomery St - a tarmacadammed childrens' play area and a lower large grassy area rimmed by areas for flower beds and mature trees; these areas are split by a small brick wall and an an aluminium fence. Residents have a vision to replace the brick wall with terraced steps which will lead down from the play area opening out into the park.

An entrant fills in his form as a smiling woman in a purple scarf watches on Women helping a child get ready to paint a brick - black bin bags in good supply Left <<<: Wildlife competition in aid of Montgomery St Park funds
Right :>>>
A child getting ready to paint a brick.

The Friends of Montgomery St Park have launched 'Take Down the Fence Campaign 2009' to raise funds to replace the wall with steps that people can sit and sun themselves on. The cost of this work is around £15,000, and this is the main fundraising target for the coming year. The Friends are selling bricks at two quid a shot, to put towards a fund for this work. Bricks are available for sale at Eero & Riley's on the corner of Easter Rd and Montgomery St - but a great idea for the Fun Day was to bring out the paints and get kids and adults painting away. There are a thousand bricks.

Three small children, a man and a woman painting bricks on the wall which is eight  bricks high Children throwing frisbees at a target board with Elgin Terrace in the background Left <<<: Childrean and parents painting bricks on the play park wall.
Right :>>>
Dr Frisbee's frisbee throwing contest
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Long view of the aluminum fence between the play park and the grassy area with children and parents painting bricks along itwith