Celebrating Leith and North Edinburgh June 2010
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Leith & North: Please email any news items to: news@leithandnorth.org.uk Leith Links returns to the Middle AgesTwo knights jousting as a referee as watching Leithers enjoy their beer The 2009 Polish Cultural Festival came to a climax on Leith Links with members of Scotland's Medieval community coming from all across Scotland to demonstrate the crafts, music and costumes of the ages. Polish food and wine was on hand in plenty as people of all ages watched tournaments and combat reenactments and kid joined in a melee.

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A woman in a purple dress dances with a woman in a brown dress People looking at statuettes in the foreground Left <<<: Dance demonstration as Gaita's Chris and Stacy play pipes and drum.
Right :>>>
Figures made by Handcraft House.

A woman ties on the helmet of a fully armoured Rennaissance Era knight The armoured knight and others queuing in the beer tent Left <<<: Getting ready for Knight School.
Right :>>> The Beer Tent served by Secret Arcade Polish Vodka Bar.

Aside from the chance for children to learn about Medieval life, there was much face painting in evidence and children also had the oppportunity to work with paper cutouts of Edinburgh's Polish town executioner, Wycinanki, designed by cutout artist Malgorzata Belkiewicz.

Woman in a red apron serving sausages and a man with paper plates of sausage and vegetables White ferret licking a well manicured finger Left <<<: Fresh cooked Polish sausages and vegetables in the open air.
Right :>>>
Weaselly Stoat (age 5) the rescue ferret taking his mineral supplement.
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One major highlight for Leith & North brought the Medieval Ages into modern day life in a very immediate way. This was meeting Weaselly Stoat the rescue ferret out and about for the day with his carer (pictured above with some turf he dug up). Weaselly was a charming and gentle creature, whose carer was happy to answer any and all questions about him and ferret care.

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Three eras of armoury represented by the Crusading Period, the Age of the 100 years war and a  Tudor Age full metal armour