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Leith & North: Please email any news items to: news@leithandnorth.org.uk Montgomery St Park Spring Fun 2009 (continued)Children throwing frisbees at target board with Elgin Terrance and the scaffold surrounded Calton Centre in distanceCalton CneThe Friends of Montgomery St Park held a mid August community fair and raised over a thousand pounds towards the park renovation project. Local businesses including Renroc Cafe, Health For Life, and Eero Riley joined in the fun, with the annual cake baking competition judged by the Manna House boys and The Bike Station sent along Dr Bike and a stunt bike trial obstacle course.

Women standing and laughing behind a table with cakes on Three men - one in chef;s whites with a plastic fork in his mouth - conferring Left <<<: The cakes on display, with the eventual winners looking on.
Right >>>:
The Manna House bakers confer as they judge the cake competition
The cake baking competition last year, was such a success last year, that it was always going to enter a second year. The competition was judged by the staff of The Manna House from the top of Easter Rd, and 1st prize of a £30 voucher to spend at Valvona & Crolla's (2nd prize a voucher for Nevo's at Renroc) went to the almond cake. A Spring breeze was rippling through the park, so bricks were on hand to secure the table cloths and a variety of stylish coats were on display, not least by the competition winners as they posed for photos.

Woman in a raincoat and shades sampling a cake as Jane from Renroc watches on Four boys on bikes lined up with Remi of the Bilke Shop, with Elgin Terrace in the distance Left <<<: Tasting the cakes AFTER the competition
Right >>>:
Kids line up for a bike race.

The Bike Station were also on hand, along with Dr. Frisbee, keeping the kids away from the cake table, while the adults sampled the varied delights. The Bike Station's team of Rory, David and Remi held bike races round the park and over an obstacle course to develop coordination and balance, and Dr. Bike serviced a queue of visitors, who watched as their bikes were checked out and serviced. The team's enthusiasm for cycling and commitment to safety shone through.

Man fixes bicycle suspended on a stand while a girl looks on Grafitoed Police Box with Elgin Terrace in the background and a painter in overalls Left <<<: Dr. Bike in action.
Right >>>:
Gordon Walls preparing the Police Box for painting

The day before, as part of the preparations for the Paint It part of the Spring Fun Day, local decorator Gordon Walls came in to restore the derelict Police Box on the corner of the Park (see above for before, and below for after). The idea of the Montgomery St Park Friends was to create a more welcoming approach to the Park, and take some initiative in bringing about the renovation of the area. Some mystery surrounds the Police Box, as its present owners are unknown.

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Rebecca working with Linda to take down all the bunting, with the newly repainted Police Biox in the backgroundtaking down