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Leith & North: Please email any news items to: news@leithandnorth.org.uk Dusherra Celebrations on Calton Hill: October 2010 Effigies of Ravana, centre, with his brother Kumbhakarna and son Meghanad, atop Calton Hill, with Leith in the background

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Hundreds of people gathered on Calton Hill, on Sunday October 10th to celebrate the Hindu festival of Dusherra. The event celebrates the victory of good over evil, and centres on the story of Lord Rama and friends rescuing his wife Sita from the demon Ravana, and his family.

Giant head of Hanuman on the back of a white van with the effigies in the background Lorry with a multi coloured eagle on the cabin and three men dressed as Lord Rama and his allies Left <<<: The procession arrives led by Hanuman.
Right >>>:
The victorious Lord Rama.
Woman in red under a white bridal bower decorated with flowers, with the Observatory behind

^^^ Above: The Lady Sita arriving on Calton Hill.

The event in Edinburgh has been running some 16 years and is organised by the Scottish Indian Arts Forum, and featured dancing from Dundee's Bharatiya Ashram, and Edinburgh's own tribal goddesses, and rising stars, Twisted Tails.

Highlights include the triumphal procession of Lord Rama and his allies, bringing his bride Sita back home, a reenactment of the battle, and the ritual burning of effigies of Ravana and his family, accompanied by fireworks. The effigies were built by residents of Edinburgh's Saughton Prison..

Six women dancing in tribal costumes with three in the foreground Three members of Twisted Tails with swords raised above their heads Left <<<: Edinburgh based American Tribal Style dancers Twisted Tails.
Right >>>: Twisted Tails demonstrating their skill with swords.
A woman in red crouches to add the finishing touches to a little bou's make up, as a little girl watches on Four dancers in line with candles Left <<<: Preparing for the performance.
Right >>>: Bharatiya Ashram dancing.
The victorious wedding party with palms raised

^^^ Above: Lord Rama and Lady Sita after the reenactment of the slaying of Ravana. The guru Veda Vyasa is to the the left and Hanuman to the right.

Two men in white speaking to man in black suit The effigies surrounded by white rockets with tourquoise and orange smoke Left <<<: Directors of the event speaking with Mark Lazarowicx, Edinburgh North & Leith MP.
Right >>>: The burning effigies with fireworks.

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