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Leith & North: Please email any news items to: news@leithandnorth.org.uk Newhaven Childrens's Gala Day: May 2011 (continued) Piper Joe Wallace leading the procession up Newhaven Pier as childern in yellow souwester hats dressed as fishwives and fishermen watch on

Above ^^^: Piper Joe Wallace.

The Queen and King, joined by attendants, Shannon and Andrew, were led through Newhaven, to Victoria Primary School, by piper Joe Wallace. At the school, the Gala Queen was crowned by Major Jules McElhinney, and children sang traditional fishing songs which featured herrings, pirates, and plenty of accompanying actions.

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Children dressed as fishwives and fishermen singing as Mrs Thomson and Major McElhinney watch on Head and shoulders picture of Major Jules McElhinney speaking Left <<<: "A Pirate's Life For Me"..
Right >>>:
Major Jules R. McElhinney.
Headteacher Laura Thomson said that last night she had asked all the children to pray for good weather - judging by the short bursts of rain, their prayers had been answered, but one or two of them must have forgotten. Mrs Thomson introduced Major Jules McElhinney who remarked that "we learn a lot looking back, as we try to look forward". The major went on to crown Kerryanne Queen of Newhaven Children's Gala 2011. Primary 2 & 3 children then sang "Herring's Heads complete with actions, and many verses of "A Pirate's Life For Me"..

Lewis and Saba standing, with Lewis in fisherman's swearter and kilt seated with Courtney Kneeling teacher leads actions involving putting hands on heads Left <<<:Crown Bearer Freddie leads the cheers for the Gala Queen
Right >>>: Fishwives singing
Man in the stocks with his head covered in water from a wet sponge thrown by a little girl, surrounded by people laughing

Above ^^^: Community Beat Officer, John Pennycook doing his Constabulary Duty raising money in the stocks

After the celebrations, people joined in various activities and games, home baking and book stalls were on offer, and a Barbeque was provided by local restaurant Porto and Fi. MP Mark Lazarowicz came down to take a look around, and Leith Councillors Gordon Munro and Rob Munn were present as were Forth Councillors Cammy Day and Allan Jackson.

Man in red shirt with two uniformed officers in yellow waterproofs Woman in white hat decorated with red fabric roses Left <<<: Leith Councillor Gordon Munro with members of the Leith Police team .
Right >>>:
A lady in a fine hat.
Smiling man with dark glasses seated in front of a red wallMan in apron with thumbs up and smiling woman behind a serving table in a gazebo Left <<<: Ron Catell, teacher at Victoria Primary in the '50's, and author of the very first school pageant.
Right >>>:
Barbeque by Porto & Fi .
Pepple standing the length of a cake stall being served by a man in blueMan in charcoal grey waterproofs and man in charcoal grey anorakLeft <<<: The cake stall.
Right >>>:
Forth Councillor Cammy Day, with MP, Mark Lazarowicz.
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King's attendant Andrew presents a gift to Major McElhinney, as the seated royal party and Mrs Thomson watch on