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The mock "Provost (for a day) of Leith", Margo Macdonald, in a handsome Daimler, led children, dancers, and pipe bands from Lochend to Leith Links in the annual Leith Pageant on a temperate summer's day in June. The day was livened up by two short stunning showers and all were pleased that the pageant had reached the end of its journey before the sky opened.

Left <<<:Leith Community Concert Band.Right >>>:Saloon girls join in a Western theme.
Pipe bands were represented by the green of the Sunshine on Leith Pipes and Samba Band, Leith Community Concert Band, the Trinity Occasional Pipers and. Stockbridge Pipe Band. Dance was represented by among others, Edinburgh Samba School.

Left <<<:Cowgirls join in a Western theme. Right >>>:Duncan Place Resource Centre's dragon.

The Trinity Occasional Pipers (we think)

More pictures of Leith Pageant 2009 on Leith & North >>>

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