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Leith Festival 2011
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Leith Pageant 2011
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What's that coming over Leith Links?: Leith Festival Pageant 2011 (continued) Young people in purple sweat shirts carrying a white dragon with golden scales and spine

Above ^^^: Edinburgh Taiwanese Students make their debut at Leith Pageant 2011.

Daphne from Scooby Doo with Shrek, Spongebob Squarepants, a small child and another Two women dressed as Wilma and Fred Flintsone with a man decked in Union Jacks carrying a baby doll Left <<<: Leith Dockers' ladies with a cartoon characters theme.
Right >>>:Wilma and Fred Flintstone join Leith Dockers for the day.
Women in black costumes with hoods strile a pise with silver pom poms Above ^^^: The Fierce Pro Dance Squad strike a pose.

Three children with face paints and balaclavas Fierce Pro strike a pose as a little girl in blue twirls her umbrella Left <<<: Three monsters.
Right >>>: An umbrellaette joins Fierce Pro.

People in clemantine colourec sweat shirts and white slacks dancing and drumming in the rain Above ^^^: Edinburgh Samba School keeping their spirits up in the rain. Smiling woman dancing in a green outfit Drummers marching in oragnge tee shirts and white trousers Left <<<: A dampened but undaunted Samba dancer. Right >>>: Edinburgh Samba School dancers arriving on Leith Links.

Several dozen people with waterproofs and umbrellas waiting on the corner of Duke St and East Hermitage Place Above & Right ^^^: The Larger Than Life Puppeteers.

Fierce Pro web site >>>
Edinburgh Samba School web site >>>
Beltane Fire Society web site >>>

Below: Edinburgh Beltane Society Processional Drummers enjoy dueling drums with Edinburgh Samba School.

Two ranks of drummers facing each other on Leith Links