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Leith & North: Please email any news items to: news@leithandnorth.org.uk Unite Against Fascism Rally, February 2010: Edinburgh sends fascists homeward to think again Eight young women and men holding pladcards saying "NO TO RACISM HATRED" in front of the Ross Bandstand

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People of all ages gathered in Princes St Gardens to send a message in their thousands to several dozen Scottish fascists who came to Edinburgh looking for trouble. The event took place on February 20th, and saw political leaders of all major parties setting aside their differences to condemn Fascism and Racism. The march and rally was organised by Scotland United, a branch of Unite Against Fascism, and supported by a range of politicial parties, the STUC and various unions and student bodies.

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The Unite Against Fascism banner  in  purple and black on a white background Aamer Anwar speaking Left <<<:The Unite Against Fascism banner arrives.
Right >>>:
Aamer Anwar opens the rally.
The Scottish Defence League, an offshoot of the racist English Defence League has been trying to spread hatred and racial tension throughout the UK. Thousands have organised around England and Scotland, over the last few months to oppose Fascism and show support for Multiculturalism. February 20th was Edinburgh's turn.

Lothian & Borders Police kettled several dozen SDL trouble makers in a few bars near Edinburgh's Waverley station, while two thousand people gathered to march through Edinburgh to show how firmly their rascist ideology is unwelcome in Scotland. The police invoked the Public Order Act to forbid the SCL from marching and bused them out of town.

Students posing with home made placards with slogans including "STUDENTS DON'T LIKE FASCIST BIGOTS" and "DYKES UNITE AGAINST FASCISM" and "CATCH IT, BIN IT, KILL IT"

Malcolm in flat cap, Gordon in  cap with hangning ear flaps, Lesley with red scarf Iain Gray speaking in dark blue winter coat Left <<<: Malcolm Chisholm, Edinburgh North & Leith MSP with Labour Councillors Gordon Munro and Lesley Hinds.
Right >>>:
"NO PASSARAN" declares Scottish Labour leader, Iain Gray
Jenny Dawe speaking in blue anorak with white scarf Greyhoundish dog on the steps of the Ross Open Air Theatre with a Unite Against Fascism stuck to  the coat he is wrapped in Left <<<: City of Edinburgh Council Leader, Lib Dem Jenny Dawe
Right >>>:
Dogs against Fascism.

It was very striking to see politicians who battle hard against each other for the future of Scotland in the Scottish Parliament - Iain Gray, Scottish Labour leader and Kenny MacAskill, sharing a platform with controversial Lib Dem SNP Council leader, Jenny Dawe, and a young Tory hopeful.

Other speakers included Weyman Bennett, chair of UAF, Osama Saeed of the Scottish Islamic Foundation and SNP candidate for Glasgow Central, Aamer Anwar from Scotland United, Shami Khan Chair of ELREC, Dave Moxham from the Scottish TUC, the Rev Iain Galloway of the Church of Scotland, Liam Burns, president of the Scottish National Union of Students, and Donny Gluckstein from the EIS lecturers union. It was also striking to see the number of students who turned out to show their loathing of fascism.

Desi Bravehearts dancing in yellow dresses with yellow headdresses, green waistcoats and green leotards

Rev Iain Galloway speaking in a khaki raincoat Shami Khan speaking in blue rain coat Left <<<: Church of Scotland Rev Iain Galloway
Right >>>: Edinburgh & Lothians Racial Equality Council Chair Shami Khan
Phyllis Herriot and Kenny MacAskill in the crowd with winter trees in the background Weyman Bennett in blue raincoat with striped scarf Left <<<: SNP Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill shares a joke with veteran campaigner, Phyllis Herriot before speaking
Right >>>:
Weyman Bennett of the Unite Against Fascism campaign.

Students laughing at a joke by Weyman Bennett and holding home made placards with slogans including "ONE SCOTLAND MANY CULTURES"  and "NO PLACE FOR FASCISM" on a Saltire

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Two young people with faces painted in rainbow colours