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Leith & North: Please email any news items to: news@leithandnorth.org.uk Unite Against Fascism Rally, February 2010: Edinburgh sends fascists homeward to think again Iain Gray (Leader of  Scottish MSPs) Aamer Anwa, Kenny MacAskill (Scottish Junstice Secretary), and Osama Saeed (Scottish Islamic Foundation and SNP) in a minute's silence outside Edinburgh Central Mosque

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People of all ages gathered in Princes St Gardens to send a message in their thousands to several dozen Scottish fascists who came to Edinburgh looking for trouble. The event took place on February 20th, and saw political leaders of all major parties setting aside their differences to condemn fascism and racism.

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After the speeches, the march wound through Princes St Gardens and up the Mound to the Meadows..

ELREC Chair, Shami Khan hold ing the lead banner with poiticians from the major Scottish parties reading "SCOTLAND UNITED  No place for racism and Islamophobia - One Scotland, Many Cultures"

Above ^^^: The start of the march up the Mound

Three mounted police officers with marchers and the Bank of Scotland HQ behind them Boy around age 10 looking out Chad like over the top of the leading banner Left <<<: Police horses lead the march to the top of the Mound.
Right >>>:
Kenny MacAskill with a young demonstrator who marched the whole way to the Meadows.
View of the marchers and police starting along George IV Bridge

Young man with Anti Nazi League stickers on his face A Tory woman, Jenny Dawe, Iain Gray, Aamer Anwar, Kenny MacAskill and Osama Saeed outside Edinburgh Central Mosque Left <<<: Marcher on the George IV Bridge.
Right >>>:
Politicians stand side by side outside Edinburgh Central Mosque.

The Scottish Defence League (the English Defence League lazily rebranded for Scotland,) had called on fascists to march on mosques all over the UK. The march paused outside Edinburgh Central Mosque to show solidarity, before going on to the Meadows. Marchers greeted men standing outside the mosque and paused for a minute's silent reflection.

Man with an Anti Nazi League sticker on his shaved head leaning out of an upper window, waving a red scarf Woman in red on bicycle applauds the march as two girls on bikes cheer on.  All three are wearing cycle helmets Left <<<: A resident cheers the march as it passes by
Right >>>: A family of cyclists welcome the march to the Meadows
People in reflective yellow jackets on a muddy patch of grass in  Edinburgh's Meadows Young man with a wreath of orange and  yellow carnations round his long hair, raising his arm in salute Left <<<: Dave Moxton of the STUC announces that SDL fascists have been sent packing from Edinburgh
Right >>>: Ben, a student
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Two young people with faces painted in rainbow colours