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Leith & North: Please email any news items to: news@leithandnorth.org.uk Dave shaved for Citadel Youth Centre's 30th anniversary celebrations: March 2010 Finlay Smith holding up the first lock of Dave's hair as Simon Hill and Vicki watch on

^^^ Above: The first cut is the deepest. Finlay Smith with Dave and Simon Hill of Sesh Hairdressing.

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Community activist Dave Woods gave his all for the Citadel Youth Centre in a life changing Samson moment. He volunteered to have his hair and beard shaved, raising a welcome 500 for Centre funds.

The Citadel's own Finlay Smith made the first cut, but the main shearing was carried out by Simon Hill and his assistant Vicki, of Sesh Hairdressing of Bernard St, Leith.

Willer Barr applauds as Dave walks in wearing a green tee shirt and an Evening News corresopndent, young people, and Finlay Smith watch on

^^^ Above: Dave enters the arena to the strains of 'Eye Of The Tiger'.
No opportunity was lost to raise money from Dave's endeavour, including a guess the weight of Dave's hair competition. Dave's hair weighed in at 73 grams which Leith & North calculates as about two and a half ounces in old money. There was also a competition to draw the best picture of Dave as he might look shaved.

Simon holding his scissors near Dave's throat as two boys in false moustaches watch on Lorry with a multi coloured eagle on the cabin and three men dressed as Lord Rama and his allies Left <<<: Simon Hill of Sesh Hairdressing poses Sweeney Todd style.
Right >>>:
Willie Barr holds up the winning visions of Dave Shaved .
Woman in red under a white bridal bower decorated with flowers, with the Observatory behind

^^^ Above: Remember kids don't try this at home.

Several dozen young people and others watched the event, which was followed by refreshments and buffet with user of the Citadel, and older members of the intergenerational project based there.

Profile of Dave half shaven Dave in green tee shirt with cartoon of Einstein shakes hands with Simon Left <<<: Dave pays tribute to one of the great Tommy Cooper's routines.
Right >>>: The Finished Product: Job Done.
Jai Adami and Pam McNamee seated, smiling Shaven Dave being presented with a woolie hat with a Saltire on, by Gordon Munro Left <<<: Dave's Groupies, Jai and Pam.
Right >>>: Prezzies.
Dave seated grinning Dave wearing a South American woolie hat, with his finger to his lips and a Benny from Crossroads expression Left <<<: Before.
Right >>>: After.

Citadel Youth Centre web site >>>

The hair of Dave from above