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Leith & North: Please email any news items to: news@leithandnorth.org.uk Embedding poetry in the heart of Edinburgh: Poetry Garden launched in St. Andrew's Square Garden White paper lotus blossoms float on water as a hand can be seen casting a lotus out A small group gathered at lunchtime on August 25th to listen to some speakers, hear a little poetry, and cast their lotuses on the waters with a wish. Many poetry related events will follow - with poetry featured in the Garden's Coffee Republic coffee shop, events for schools, links to City of Edinbvrgh's Makar, Ron Butlin. There will be a Personal Poetry Shopper event Friday 5th September (12.30-1.30) with Reader in Residence, Ryan Van Winkle helping passers by to find a poem to read to suit their mood.

Ewan Aitken holding a yellow paper lotus flower speaks as people watch on Makar Ron Butlin reads poetry from a book as Richard Holloway stands listening Left <<<: Ewan Aitken opens the poetry garden
Right >>>:
Makar Ron Butlin reading his poetry with Richard Holloway listening.

Ewan Aitken (former Edinburgh Council Leader and Councillor for Restalrig,) threw his weight behind the idea of a poetry garden from the get go. He opened the garden speaking of the dream of "embedding poetry in the heart of Edinburgh" in the garden named after our national saint. Richard Holloway compared literature to various fine drinks and poetry to whisky which should be sipped and savoured.Official City Makar Ron Butlin dedicated the garden with readings of "A Recipe for Whisky", and "Poetry for St. Andrew's Square".

Fay Young stoops to cast a lotus on the pond as Gordon Munro stands by Woman with buggy walks past the floating lotuses Left <<<: Fay Young casts her lotus on the water.
Right >>>:
Young Mum passing by the floating lotuses.

The party then gathered round the pond in the soft summer rain to float their white, yellow and green paper lotuses across the water whilst making a wish.

"The wonderful thing about poetry is the way, in a few lines, it can sum up profound human experiences: sorrow, lovem joy, rage. And the wonderful thing about having a poetry garden in a famous square in a beautiful city is the way it will help people to pause for a minute or two and let poetry into their lives." Richard Holloway.

Stall with a man and a collie in front with various dog training aids Claire MacLeod smiles behind her earrings at the Eero & Riley stall Left <<<: Ron Butlin shares a joke with Ewan Aitken and Gordon Munro.
Right >>>:
Fay Young who first proposed the dedication of the garden to poetry
The St. Andrew Square Garden was opened to the public for the first time in April this year, where before it was only open to residents and surrounding businesses.It is hoped that it will twin the Edinburgh International Book Festival, (held in Charlotte Square,) to create two poles of literature at either end of George St in the UNESCO City of Literature.

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White and green paper lotuses float on the side of the pond in front of ornamental grass plants