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Leith & North: Please email any news items to: news@leithandnorth.org.uk Cut Trident Not Jobs Rally: March 2010 (continued) View of march from above, as it walks down Victoria St, a blue Scottish CND banner in the foreground

Above ^^^: Marchers heading down Victoria St to the Grassmarket

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The thousand strong Cut Trident Not Jobs march continued from the Royal Mile, down Victoria St, where marchers gathered for a rally in the Grassmarket.

They heard speeches from - among others - the actor David Hayman, writer and boadcaster, Leslie Riddoch, North & Leith MP, Mark Lazarowicz (Labour), Alis Ballance (Green), Rev Iain Galloway (Church of Scotland), and First Minister, Alec Salmond (SNP).

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Six people on Victoria Terrace enjoy the view and a drink People ambling along the Grassmarket Left <<<: Spectators on Victoria Terrace.
Right >>>:
Marchers arriving in the Grassmarket.
People smiling behind a pasting table, holding Friends of the Earth Scotland flagsClose up of David Hayman speakingLeft <<<: Friends of the Earth Scotland 's stall.
Right >>>:
David Hayman
As Scotland prepared to face England at Murrayfield to battle for the Calcutta Cup, Rev Ian Galloway declared that this might not be the biggest gathering in Edinburgh that day, but it was the most important, and carried just as much emotion. He spoke of the moral evil of weapons that can kill indiscriminately, though we might add that weapons that kill discriminately are not necessarily that much better. Mark Lazarowicz followed up sharing our view that "not just emotion but intellectual arguments are on our side", declaring: "The time is now to make the world a safer place". First Minister Alex Salmond called fro an independent voice for Scotland.

CND flags and listeners in the foreground looking towards Leslie Riddoch speaking in the distance

Above ^^^: Leslie Riddoch speaking from the open topped double decker bus.

Close up of Alec Salmond Close up of Mark Lazarowicz Left <<<: First Minister, Alex Salmond
Right >>>:
Mark Lazarowicz, MP for Edinburgh North & Leith.
While the other speakers were passionate and committed, perhaps the most inspiring speech came from writer and broadcaster Leslie Riddoch. She reminded us that we'd been marching since the '60's. And she spoke of all the impossible things people have marched against, and spoke of all the things we thought we'd never see - the end of Margaret Thatcher's government, the release of Nelson Mandela; the sight of Iain Paisley and Martin McGuinness shaking hands, and others - and she called upon the rally to keep marching and to keep hoping.

Leslie Riddoch in white jacket speaking from the top of the bus Penny Stone in red sweater and rainbow coloured flag raises her hands to her ears as Alex Salmond sings behind her Left <<<:Broadcaster and journalist Leslie Riddoch.
Right >>>: Penny Stone of Protest in Harmony leads the singing of "Peace, Salaam, Shalom"
"The Scottish Parliament has voted against the 'son of Trident', a majority of Scottish MPs reject it, and it is going to be a central issue in the general election campaign." Alex Salmond to the Cut Trident Not Jobs rally

Protest in Harmony -  a couple dozen people singing with the double decker speakers; bus in the background with the banners CUT TRIDENT NOT FOR JOBS and Scotland's for Peace

^^^ Above: Protest in Harmony singing "Bin The Bomb".

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People standing and listening to speeches with The White Hart Inn in the background